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Business Proposals

Presenting a persuasive and professional business proposal is essential for attracting clients and securing partnerships. Our AI platform assists you in crafting a compelling narrative, organizing your ideas, and creating visually appealing proposals. By leveraging the power of AI, you can create polished business proposals that make a lasting impact on your audience.

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13th Jan 2023 | ESTIMATE Valid for 21 days
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Student Projects

When working on your student project, our AI platform serves as your virtual collaborator. It offers suggestions for research materials, provides guidance on structuring your project, and helps improve the clarity and coherence of your content. With our platform, you can elevate your project to a higher standard and impress your instructors.

Project Proposals

Crafting a compelling project proposal is crucial for securing approval and funding. Our AI platform provides you with valuable assistance in articulating your project goals, methodology, and expected outcomes. It helps you create a well-structured proposal that clearly communicates the significance and feasibility of your project, increasing your chances of success.

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GMF Research
Project Name Goes Here Prepared by Felix Driscoll for Bob’s Burgers | 05.10.20 Context Bob’s Burgers has engaged Felix Driscoll to design a website promoting their new mobile order application. Customers need to know that they can order effortlessly and safely and still get the burgers they love from Bob. Felix will do a light refresh of the visual identity to ensure that the website feels modern and trustworthy, while still adhering to the established brand guidelines.
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My 6 months experiences in 50pages.

IT Logbook/Report

If you're looking for guidance on how to fill a SIWES/IT log book or seeking a sample log book report in PDF format, our platform is here to support you. It offers practical examples and resources to help you understand the process and structure your own log book effectively.

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